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This year (2016) marks the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service in the United States. That’s a centennial in birthday speak. So let me take a moment to say “Happy Birthday National Parks Service!” I would love to be celebrating this noteworthy day in one of our nation’s outstanding National Parks. After all, Zion National Parks is my favorite place of all time – ever. But unfortunately, that was just not in the cards at this point in time on the calendar. That stinking calendar…

Anyways, have you ever been camping? Camping is a unique experience, especially considering this is 2016, the era of the all mighty smartphones, tablets, computers, and all other kinds of technology that drives this world – and I mean that literally given the early forms of self-driving cars I keep seeing on the news. But how many of us stop and decide to shed all this modern awesomeness for a different kind of awesome?

What better way exists to explore the world that backdrops our modern cities than by being outdoors, exploring, adventuring, having fun, and camping? Now if you are reading this and you have never been camping anytime, anywhere then you have to go within the next 365 days. I challenge you. I dare you. I bet you won’t do it, huh? Gonna prove me wrong? Just pick a long weekend and Google a place near you, pack up some clothes, food, a sleeping bag and go. Some bare essentials are all you’ll need. Don’t him and ha about it, or put it off, just go!

Camping allows us to shed ourselves of our day-to-day surrounding, responsibilities, distractions, and let’s us temporarily stop running the rat race of our daily lives. It permits us venture to new lands we don’t see everyday and may only see once in our entire lives. When camping you get to have adventures and outings and do stuff we would not normally have the chance to do because of work, school, kids, or a lack of proper settings. You can go hiking, just hang our by the fire, go river rafting, soak up some rays by the lake, or almost anything your heart desires. Just remember to take pictures for the memories of your adventures.

Camping allows us to get back to the roots of the world we live in and see its natural beauty, its awe, its pure amazing characteristics that surround our man made rocks we all live under. And some of us live under some very big rocks. In most cases you can be from the city to the desert, the forest, the ocean, lake, a grassy plain, or any other topographical wonder our world is made up of in a mater of a few hours. Just use that all mighty, powerful, know it all, we all love so much named Google if you don’t believe me and see what surrounds you where you sit reading this entry right now. There are places to visit in all 50 states of this great Union whether National and State Parks, Recreation Areas, Forests, and more all over the map. Just go Googling.

Eagle Lake
Fallen Log

It doesn’t matter if you camp in a sleeping bag on the dirt, in a tent backpacking, in a shelter of your own design, a trailer, a motorhome, or even a cabin. Just get out and explore what nature has to offer and have a ton of fun doing it. There is no wrong way to day it, only your way, the way you enjoy being outdoors. Grab a friend or a few, a loved one, or a few, and go. Who knows if you don’t do it now you may never have the chance. Grab your gear a good map and go! Just get up and go! Charge! Autobots rollout! Drive! Ready? Set. Go! Explore! And be sure to take lots of pictures along the way.

The Tent

Who knows maybe you’ll come back and tell all your friends, “dude that camping trip was intents.” Get it…?

And hey, if you want to go with me alpaca tent. Gotcha again…

If you just read those punny jokes then thanks for reading this far. Oops, did I do it again?

See you next time.

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