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My First Entry

Well here I am, writing these words, making these sentences, and writing out these paragraphs...and hopefully using good grammar. If you asked me weeks, months, or years ago if I'd ever find myself writing a blog I'd probably laugh and say, "nope" sarcastically. Yet I find myself doing just that before you now. What is this blog all about? Well let me tell you...

I promise I won't be bombarding you with random ramblings, my opinion on popular culture topics, or other nonsensical things - no definitely not. This blog is all about photography. Here I will share my photographic adventures and endeavors with you. I'll tell you about the story behind a series or image, the journey it took to get their, its meaning, perhaps its funny origin, or more to give you insight into my photography more so than I can in an Instagram caption. 

Now I can't promise that I'll be very good at this whole blog thing, but I will do my best. I hope you enjoy it or maybe find some distraction from the race of everyday life in it that helps you to just relax and enjoy some photography and adventures. Either way I hope you give it and me a chance and stick with it for a bit and hopefully we can enjoy this whole blogging thing together. 

Well I've kept you long enough. If you read this far than all I pretty much have left to say is "thank you and stay tuned." If you are so inclined check out some more of the website and check back for new pictures and blog posts. You can find me on Instagram (@mayson.algeyer) and Twitter (@maysonalgeyer) if you want too. For now, enjoy the day and do me a favor. Smile! Why? Because you can. :)

See you next time.

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