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My Photography Story

I guess you could say that photography and I sort of stumbled upon one another almost by pure chance. This classic love story began where most classic love stories do- high school of all places. It was my freshman year and I needed an elective in order to have a full schedule and needed to pick a class from a list of many to fill this vacancy I had. As I scanned the list, interested in the possibilities and excited I got to pick a “fun” class for myself, I saw this course titled “Introduction to Photography.” I don’t remember the description associated with the class, but it must have been interesting enough, since it grabbed my attention.

Bingo! I guess I had my elective class all picked out, and it sounded fun enough. Why not try something new? Of course this is where you could argue that photography isn’t exactly a totally new concept to me. One could argue that it is sort of in my blood. Both my grandfather and my father are photographers. My grandfather is essentially a photography addict, he has been photographing essentially his entire adult life and has amassed more pictures than I think any of us, including him, realize or have ever seen. Similarly, my father also tends to dabble in photography when he can and enjoys the medium and experience greatly. Especially as I have gotten more and more into it. We sort of fuel one another an egg each other on with it…its awesome!

My Grandfather

My Father

Anyways so this “Introduction to Photography” course in high school is what I generally consider as the catalyst that sparked my love for photography and made me gain great interest in taking photographs. I can’t point to any one part of that class that did it, but rather the experience as a whole started a fire that has burned ever since my freshman year. And while it has ebbed and flowed in intensity, I always find myself falling back on photography as a way to relax, express myself, and just plain old have fun. It is a hobby, therapy, a love, and a professional interest all in one.

Since I was young I have always enjoyed the outdoors. Whether camping, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, adventuring, or whatever else I have loved spending time outdoors. Something about being outside, immersed in nature, its awe and beauty truly touches my soul. Combining being outdoors and my adventures with photography only made these experiences and loves of mine even more enjoyable and fantastic. That is why I love photographing outdoors while on adventures so much and try to do it as much as possible.

Anyhow, back to my story. By the time college rolled around I was so hooked and engulfed in photography I minored in it at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and a minor in of all things Photography.

But what exactly is photography? No, not the textbook definition involving light, some scientific sounding explanation of the process, and such, but what is photography to me? Well to me, photography is a way to capture moments in time. Each picture captures a specific moment in time that is fleeting and unique. That exact scene before me and the camera, in that exact moment in time, will never ever exist again or in the exact same way. I think there is an inherent awesomeness and beauty in that notion when thinking about a photograph. Photography is a way to capture those fleeting moments that you think are worth capturing. Whether because that moment is so singular, it is special, it has a particular meaning, it is “beautiful,” or there is simply just something about it. Photography allows us to immortalize those moments forever before they are gone for good and from there we can remember them, treasure them, and/or share them. Hopefully this all makes at least some sense whether you are a photographer or not without me sounding too much like some photography philosopher rambling on about artsy fartsy nonsense. But next time you look at a picture just think about it. That moment in time and space will never exist again, but that photograph captured it as a memory, reminder, message, or however you see it. 

Well that is more than enough about me and my photography story. I hope you enjoyed this small insight into photography, how I got started, and why I do it. And if you read this far, thank you. Now go reward yourself and get a cookie or a brownie, or both and enjoy the rest of your day. Oh and one more thing… Do me a favor? Smile. Why? Because you can. ☺

See you next time.

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